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It's called Nonplayer, and it's way pretty. Just look at that preview.

The story is Dot Hack-ish. Only one issue so far, but a very nice start.

If your local comic shop has it, give it a look.


Jul. 23rd, 2011 10:56 pm
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Ok, DC Comics, ok, you win!

I swear I'll buy every #1 in September. I promise.

Just, please, stop with the awful Subway comic inserts. Sweet gods, STOOOOOOOOOPP.

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Holy crap, somebody reinvented them. Downfall is the movie that just keeps on giving to the internets.

This one's also one of the funnier scripts I've seen. =)
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So I finally saw the movie, and for what it's worth, here's what I think )
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Because after reading Brightest Day: The Search for Swamp Thing, I'm more horrified by the portrayal of the British.

But I guess, at least, now we know what it would be like to have John Constantine done by Dick Van Dyke, with a special appearance by Adam Sandler as Batman.
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And this one is nifty. All the GL backstory, including the best look yet at a Guardian.... who looks damn cool, actually.

Still some goofiness here and there, but like the last one, these are SO much improved on that very first one.

Bring it!
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Ok, so after a year, DC is bringing the whole Brightest Day thing to a close, and I'm left wondering: what was the point of any of that, exactly?

Was the White Lantern--and, therefore, a connection to the Green Lanterns--necessary for any of what happened? Not in the slightest, really. The White Lantern was nothing but a MacGuffin.

Ok, yes, characters relegated to the Vertigo world are now back in the DCU. But are we seriously expected to believe DC Comics actually gives an enormous shit about that? I love the characters that have crossed back over, but one of them hasn't had a book in print for years, and while the other has never gone out-of-print, that book barely sells 10,000 copies a month. So, this is not exactly an earth-shattering event, even by the much-reduced standards of comics today.

The series Brightest Day itself now seems like 24 issues of one non-event after another, none of which hung together at all except for that White Lantern connection which could have been left out entirely without making the slightest difference.

Birds of Prey is back, and I'm very pleased about that, but other than the addition of Dove and Hawk, any truly meaningful connection to BD has escaped me. Green Arrow has meandered about incoherently for a year, concluding this week with.... basically another underwhelming non-event. Did any of that mean a damn thing to Ollie's story? Not that I can see. Jade's story has been covered in JLA, but Robinson seems to be doing a lot of meandering of his own, and I'm not seeing how any of it relates to the events in BD. *

The only remotely interesting thing to come out of BD has been Generation Lost, which was genuinely entertaining (and one last thank you to [ profile] sdelmonte for convincing me to stick with it). But, again, that series could have been set up without any reference whatever to BD.

So, seriously.... was there actually a point to any of that?

(* Though I do admit the current line-up of the JLA pleases me immensely, and it's been a pretty decent read. It's just the relevance to BD that escapes me.)
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Man, am I kicking myself for not having noticed all of this as it was happening.

And I like that it's not a hatchet job on SPN for following the same track. It's that the two shows reached the same turning point and so they had similar issues to address. (Well, ok, SPN needn't have been *that* close.)
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A very interesting article by Roseanne Barr about sexism in Hollywood. You won't be surprised to find she ran into a lot of it, but it definitely keeps your attention to the end. Not especially surprised to find there's still bad blood either.

Her passing reference to Joss Whedon makes me wish somebody would ask him sometime what he learned from working on that set, especially when it comes to creating a positive work environment.
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It seems like the only posts I make over here are posts about how I really need to start using this account more.

Oh, look. Here's another one.

Considering the past week on LJ, though, maybe this time I should really mean it.

Anyway, I just updated my permissions list, so I should be balanced out with everyone so far. Hoping I'll see more people pop up in the next month. It would be nice to add more people to my list.
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The video is almost impossibly cute.

I may have to name my next PC 'Wacky'.
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An indepth look that's really nicely done.
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The animated trailer is up on YouTube.

Pretty! And good voice actors too. (Yay, Bruce Boxleitner!)
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Has a gift-buying guide for Valentine's Day. =D
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OMG, so much stuff on the way. And some of it looks pretty sweet, I have to say.

GL's with ring constructs!! <3

There's just something wrong about the Ryan Reynolds-ization of Hal in all the statuary, though.

So glad I'm not a completist about this sort of thing. And curious how they're going to pitch all that Blackest Night stuff at people who have no idea what a GL is yet.

But I'm sure Warner Brothers has a Master Plan worthy of Larfleeze for that.
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That... That just ain't right. D:

Well, ok, it's also kinda cool (so to speak).

At least I don't feel cold now.

(via Andrew Sullivan
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The best language-oriented YouTube series ever.

Extra win for the slightly purple hair too.

Yes, I know that's a squid icon, not an octopus one. Close enough.

But I defy Merriam-Webster re: fewer vs. less, because people not using 'fewer' makes me crazy.

...And I'm going to regret admitting that to you guys, aren't I?
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Your spy cameras might be in for a rough day.

(nabbed from BoingBoing today)
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Young female Star Wars fan rescued from bullies by girl-geeks (& friends) around the world

And ThinkGeek sent her a lightsaber. =)
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An interesting bit of speculation about a NASA press conference scheduled for Dec 2:

"NASA will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 2, to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life. Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe."

From this blog post, which offers some interesting thoughts.

Hey, even if it's baseless speculation, sometimes that can be fun too.
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