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Much better than MiB2, I thought. I wish it had been MiB2. What I liked best about it was that it didn't try to be some gigantic epic. It was basically just a revisit to the MiB-verse to have some fun with it again, and that worked really well for me.

What I wave my hands at:
1) Obviously, not happy about Zed's passing, but being set fourteen years later, it's hard not to admit that was reasonable.
2) The MiBs need the Apollo Moon mission to get something into orbit. WTF?
3) No actual scene with Frank? Really?
4) Possibly retconning Elizabeth Ann Reston of Truro, MA, out of the canon. But they didn't specifically do that, and so the script allows for her to still be a part of it. (Don't know who I'm talking about? Mwa-ha-ha.)
5) Mildly annoyed about the weird anti-ethnic cuisine thing going on in the script. The side-swipe at schwarma is especially glaring coming after Avengers, and the Chinese restaurant scene had moments of, "...Hmmm," but I'm choosing not to dwell on that.

What I was pleased with/pleasantly surprised by
1) The look and feel of it was so much like MiB and MiB2. I was amazed. I bet when I eventually see all three in succession, there isn't going to be a glaring change from 2 to 3, like I was absolutely convinced there would be. Happy.
2) That goes double for Elfman's score. Loved hearing the series riffs at just the right moments.
3) Well the dialogue wasn't as tight between K and J as in the first movie, I thought the chemistry was there (especially considering it's been nine years since MiB2).
4) Annelids! And bagpipes! Bagpipe Annelids!
5) O succeeding Zed. A nice touch.
6) Josh Brolin really is Tommy Lee Jones' lost son.
7) 1969!MiB didn't overdo it. Considering how Jet Age-retro the current MiB is, the look shouldn't have been too dramatically different and it wasn't. Typewriters instead of computers, that sort of thing was where you saw the time difference.
8) Strictly in terms of the movie canon, I liked the connection between K and young J much more than I would have expected if I had been spoiled (which, fortunately, I wasn't).
9) That passing reference to banning time travel throughout "the universe" matches nicely with their jurisdiction in Milli-canon. (Though even I only say 'the galaxy,' and having O say that only makes the need later on for the Apollo rocket even more headdesk-y.)

So, ok, what about the Milli-MiB?

Well, there are things:
1) Obviously, Zed isn't going anywhere.
2) In Milli-MiB canon, the vowels are reserved for agents who are the equivalent of Special Forces/SAS/Delta types. I rather like the idea of Emma Thompson being an agent like that, but she'll have more of an edge in the Milli-MiB OOMs.
3) I do like the "AA" idea, but retiring a letter each time seems a little much. I like having agents inherit letters as tradition. (For example, in the Milli-MiB, Agent B is in charge of the tech labs.)
4) Even though I like the K-kid J thing in the movie, I'm not sure I'm going to have it in the Milli-MiB. Have to think about that one. K being responsible for at least part of the planetary defenses is good, but how it happened will probably be a little less hand-wavey too.

But all in all, I'm very happy with it. It was great fun having new canon, even if I can see how it's not taking the box office by storm.

Date: 2012-05-29 06:36 pm (UTC)
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This is most excellent news. I admit, I was sweating bullets on your behalf (it's never fun getting jossed by canon), but I'm really pleased that the reviews I've seen have all been positive. I'm looking forward to seeing it now myself. :D

(Also, regarding #9, don't you love it when you Milli-canon something, and then new info comes out supporting your theories? It's greatly satisfying.)

Date: 2012-05-30 07:13 pm (UTC)
ladyoflorien: I solemnly swear I'm up to no good (Evil: Garfield - Evil Grin)
From: [personal profile] ladyoflorien
When is it not time for target practice out behind the bar? Seriously, Rick.

Will you be on-line anytime soon? Just ping me, or drop me an e-mail (gabby3.14159265 [at] gmail [dot] com). :D


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